Galactic Hot Dogs #1 

Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway


Meet Cosmoe, the Earth-Boy. He’s captain of the Neon Weiner, the finest flying food truck in the galaxy. Along with his bud, Big Humphree, he spends his days cruising the cosmos and staying crazy busy

  1. Cooking up a Mega-Dog. (Dude, this hot dog is the size of a jeep!
  2. Escaping mutant worm monsters, zombie space pirates, and grumpy robots. (What the butt?!)
  3. Playing Super Moon Ninja Death Jab (Turbo Ear Slap! 9,000 points!!)
  4. And…PROTECTING THE GALAXY from the Ultimate Evil. (He’s kind of an awesome space guy.)

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Galactic Hot Dogs is an insanely entertaining, eye-popping adventure!
Lincoln Peirce, bestselling author of the Big Nate series
Mind-blowing action and big-time fun!
Jeff Kinney, bestselling author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
This highly illustrated story has something for every demographic, offering robots, zombies, hot dogs, a princess, video games and wrestlers. This is not a complete list. Even people who hate princesses might enjoy the book, thanks to snarky dialogue. Hero Cosmoe gasps, "What the butt?! What are you doing here??" "Stealing your ship, silly. I'm an evil princess. Y'know?" Princess Dagger knowingly responds. Cosmoe just wants to serve up hot dogs (his food truck is called the Neon Wiener), but he's being chased around the galaxy by Evil Queen Dagger and her Royal Armada, who are after the princess. Within a few chapters, he's fighting zombie space pirates. The fight scenes are the weakest parts of the book. They read like transcripts of video games: "He swings! I duck AND—WHOOSH!—The Boss Worm's fist flies over my head. NOW! YES!" It's hard to engage emotionally when most of the nouns and verbs are missing. But there are some terrific jokes. When Cosmoe is getting tossed around by a robot, he muses, "Now I know what underwear in a dryer feels like…." The overall effect is like a little like flipping through every channel on cable TV. The book is so frenetic that some readers will need caffeine to get through it, but in the end, that turns out to be an advantage: If a joke doesn't work, or if readers get bored, all they have to do is turn the page. (Graphic/science-fiction hybrid. 7-12) – Kirkus Reviews, February 15, 2015
Readers who enjoyed Brallier and Maguire’s Galactic Hot Dogs webcomic (or played around in the recently launched island set in the same universe) can follow the travails of Cosmoe the Earth-Boy, alien cohort Big Humphree, and maybe-evil Princess Dagger in this print adaptation. Covering the same territory as the 26 chapters of Cosmoe’s story available at, this hybrid novel/comic follows Cosmoe’s attempts to gather the pieces of the Map-O-Sphere, which purportedly leads the way to the Ultimate Evil. Brallier’s story races ahead at what in the film Space Ballswould be called “ludicrous speed.” Maguire does a heroic job of keeping up with twists and turns that include run-ins with Zombie Space Pirates and the villainous General Krax von Grumble, as well as intergalactic wrestling and video-game tournaments; even so, the action isn’t easy to track. Planet-shaking sound effects (“SHHH-BLAM!!!”) and lowbrow humor proliferate (“There are 19,476 doom-suns in the known galaxy and they’re all hot as butts”), adding up to a whirlwind SF adventure that doesn’t take itself a bit seriously. – Publishers Weekly, March 30, 2015

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