What grades do you present to?

With books for early readers and a middle-grade audience, I'm able to present to grades 1 - 6. If you had something in mind for an older audience, simply contact me and we can discuss.

How much do you charge for visits?

My honorarium for visits in the New York tri-state area is $1,250, plus travel and expenses. For visits requiring additional travel, please contact me for custom rates.

Do you do Virtual Visits?

Yep, I do! I love dropping in for a 30–45 minute virtual visit and Q&A with classrooms, book groups, and library groups using Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. Virtual visit honorarium is $250.

What's the best way to order books for a visit?

Depending on which titles you'd like order, I will connect you with the appropriate contact at that publisher so you can place bulk orders at a discount.


Testimonials and people saying nice things

Amazing presentation… The kids had a blast and were super entertained. He made an impact on my kids for sure. Thank you not only for an entertaining presentation about writing but for inspiring my boys to read more and get excited about their own creativity.
— Jen, Teacher, New Jersey
THANK YOU so much for coming out to visit our school. The kids were very excited and talked about Max for the rest of the week. He created a new fan group!
— Holly, Teacher, New York
Librarians and teachers can’t say enough about how much they enjoy Max’s visit. He really speaks to where the kids are and includes the need to keep reading, writing, just tell stories! Max signed books for 90 minutes!
— Sharie, Scholastic Book Fair Event Coordinator, West Coast
My son said Max was AMAZING!!! He’s a tough one to please!
— Syndi, Cultural Arts Chair, Central Elementary, New Jerse
The kids loved Max! He really connects with them, especially the 3rd-5th graders. It was so nice to see quite a few students coming up to him asking him to sign copies of his books that they already had read and owned. I also had several students come up to me afterwards and excitedly tell me which of his books they were looking forward to reading next. When you hear kids excited about reading, you know it was a success.
— Marla, Arts Coordinator, New York
My first grade class had the amazing opportunity to Skype with you last year. My class learned SO much from you and their passion for books has grown tremendously. We continue to talk about the call we had with you, your writing process, and all the hard work you put into your books. My kids remember so many details about the call and often talk about how much hard work you put into your books, so they should do the same.

My students blow me away with the predictions they make, the ideas they have, and the small details they pick up on to help them comprehend the material. Many of their parents talk to me about your books because the kids go home and keep the conversation going.

You have motivated them to read more, to write more, and to work hard.
— Jamie, Teacher, Pennsylvania


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